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Have You Switched to an Electric Bike Yet?

posted on 1 September 2010 in Saving Cash

What with cycle to work schemes, and the actual thought of having to pay for you a parking space at your work, have you thought about getting a bike and riding to work?If you live within 5 miles of yo...more info >>>

Are electric bikes the new commuter vehicle?

posted on 21 October 2009 in Electric Bikes News

Are electric bikes becoming the new commuter vehicle? It makes sense if you take into account the "sweat factor" with conventional bikes, and the rising car and fuel costs. ...more info >>>

Electric bikes cycling into the big time

posted on 26 November 2008 in Electric Bikes News

They're green, they're healthy and they're a cheap mode of travel. And they even help you up those tough hills without you breaking a sweat. Electric bikes are about to break into the mainstream. ...more info >>>

How to Build an Electric Bike

posted on 4 September 2008 in Electric Bikes Maintenance

Building an Electric Bike, Part 1And for those of you with driving licenses that are, um, a bit tenuous, an electric bike might be the answer to your short-term mobility needs! ...Building...more info >>>

Electric Bikes Selling Briskly In US and Globally

posted on 18 August 2008 in Electric Bikes News

Demand for electric bicycles has increased in the U.S. and globally. In the U.S., around 10,000 electric bikes were sold during 2007, up from the 6,000 sold in 2006, the National ...more info >>>

Electric Bikes Taking Over Amsterdam and Paris

posted on 16 August 2008 in Electric Bikes News

My electric bike is no batmobile, but it makes me feel like a superhero. The motor is so quiet it's easy to forget it's there when I'm pedaling through the streets of Paris -- on...more info >>>

Always cycling with the wind behind you

posted on 13 August 2008 in Electric Bikes News

Radio Netherlands, Netherlands - Aug 11, 2008The new electric bikes, or e-bikes, are a hit in the Netherlands with everyone from pensioners to school kids. The demand is so great, the m...more info >>>

Oxford humming to the sound of electric bikes?

posted on 7 August 2008 in Electric Bikes News

I was alarmed by the prospect of Magdalen Bridge humming to the tune of thousands of electric bikes on a rush-hour morning. But the shop's manager...Full Article >>> ...more info >>>

A Realistic Electric Bike Solution

posted on 6 August 2008 in Electric Bikes News

EcoGeekA Realistic Electric Bike SolutionEcoGeek, MT - Aug 4, 2008That is exactly what I love about this electric bike – a rider can get to work without getting too sweaty, thanks to the e...more info >>>

Electric bikes: Save even more

posted on 5 August 2008 in Electric Bikes News

Electric bikes: Save even moreWFIE-TV, IN - 22 hours agoElectric bikes range in price from a couple hundred dollars to around $1200. Most stores that carry regular bikes also carry electr...more info >>>

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