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Electric bikes cycling into the big time

posted on 26 November 2008 | posted in Electric Bikes News

They're green, they're healthy and they're a cheap mode of travel. And they even help you up those tough hills without you breaking a sweat. Electric bikes are about to break into the mainstream.

open quoteElectric bicycles may soon gain momentum as the next big thing in eco-friendly travel.

A cross between a scooter and a traditional bike, the electric bicycle, commonly known as the e-bike, allows riders to propel themselves by pushing the pedals or gunning a battery-powered motor, or through a combination of both.

Most e-bikes have many of the same features as a traditional bicycle, including a metal frame, pedals, gears and handlebar-mounted brakes. The differences become apparent, however, when a rider turns on the e-bike's battery and twists its scooter-like throttle to move.
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