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The New Indicator Mirror Left Hand

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Cycling is fun and healthy - plus we can all beat the credit crunch and help save the planet by incorporating cycling into our daily routine.----However, making a turn or changing lanes in traffic can be hazardous - glancing round for a second gives you little chance to assess the traffic situation.----Then taking a hand off the handlebar to signal, reduces control of the bike - particularly if you hit a bump or pothole!--Ultra-bright flashing orange indicator--- 5 LEDs to the front, 5 to the rear and 3 around the side. The beams are angled to ensure maximum visibility to car, bus and van drivers.--Wide-angle mirror--in shatterproof resin is fully adjustable to give an excellent view of traffic approaching from behind.--Front and rear-facing running lights--for ultimate night-time safety. Positioned on the outside edge of your bike, they encourage drivers to give you a wider berth!----Just a small movement of the hand activates the indicator - so you can keep both hands firmly on the handlebars and retain maximum control of the bike at all times.------A discreet bleeper--confirms that the indicator is operating - invaluable for when you need to concentrate on the traffic around you.---- --The Indicator clips on and off handlebars instantly--so you can take it with you when you park - a soft carry bag is supplied---- --No wiring - powered by 3 x AA batteries--(not supplied). LED technology means much longer battery life than conventional bulbs --Each Indictor comes supplied with 2 alternative mounting brackets which fit mountain bikes, city bikes and most other types of handlebars. A special bracket for angled and drop-style racing handlebars is also available separately.------Alternative brackets:--1 - an integral Pro bracket which locks into the end of the handlebar.--2 - a wrap-around Easyfit bracket which can be easily transferred from bike to bike.---- --For cycling between lines of traffic,--The Indicator folds backwards 90, then easily clicks back into the correct position afterwards. If struck by a passing vehicle, it rotates forwards - The Indicator incorporates a rubber bumper to minimise damage.---- --A left hand unit--is also available for when you need maximum visibility.--The winkku indicator by Powered bicycles -- --

Price: 26.04 (29.95 inc. VAT)

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