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The Bike Buddy - Cordless Brake, Indicator, Led Smart Light and Charger

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This extremely versatile bicycle indicator set features wireless bicycle turn signal that can be operated with touch sensor panel. No more desperately arm-waving when making a turn. The super-bright 3 orange LED indicators are visible from any angle and drew people's attention when you are about to make a turn. Also, the super-bright 4 red LED brake light has built in 3-axis accelerator for acceleration and deceleration and modes are including continuous and flash that can be seen for miles.In addition, wireless bicycle indicator can work as emergency charger and compatible with most mobile devices such as cell phones, iPhone, iPod,MP3, PDA, PSP and other USB powered products. Furthermore, it has a greater life cycle and be up to 500 charge-discharge cycles.

We call it the Cordless " The Bike Buddy " Brake ,Indicator ,Led Smart Light and Charger because it works without wires and senses when you're braking without any connection to your brakes. Not Spooky But genius. The touch-operated control panel is neat and clever too.

USB charging! There's no need to buy batteries as its built-in Lithium polymer pack can be plugged into your laptop to charge. Recharges your gadgets on the goBike Buddy also works as a power bank that will top up your phone or mp3 player (and many other gadgets) out on the road. I tried it on an iPod Nano this morning and it worked beautifully.

Price: 47.78 (54.95 inc. VAT)

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