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Sunrunner SB-28 " Electric Bike Bronx - APT ( Free Delivery )

956.51  (1,099.99 inc. VAT)

Features Specifications Battery Ultra light(1.2kgs) / Envirofriendly LiFePO4 battery unit can be quickly and easily removed for convenient charging at home. With shorter charging time(25mins-2.5 hrs) and much longer travel range(up to 80KM with assist power) ActuatorThe APT world patented power assist actuator provides instant power feed back for a smoother and easy ride under all speed. Programmable Controller10 stage self adjustable and programmable controller, qualified for ISO, CE and Medical regulation MODELSB-28 BATTERY CAPACITYOPTIONAL 3 Ah/4 Ah/5 Ah ON THE FLAT GROUND WITHOUT WIND, THE OUTPUT ASSIST FROM THE CONTROLLER CAN BE ADJUSTED FROM 1-10 SCALE Set to the 1st scale of power assist3Ah-60Kg/47Km 5Ah60Kg/83Km Set to the top scale of power assist3Ah-60Kg/31Km 5Ah60Kg/55Km DRIVING MOTOR-Front wheel drive/Rear wheel drive OPTIONAL TYPE OF MOTORBrush with reduction gear (24 V) / Brushless with reduction gear (24 V) OPTIONAL CHARGING TIMEBased on the output of the charger (2A / 4A / 6A), the unit will be fully charged within 25 min.~2.5 hrs.

Price: 956.51 (1,099.99 inc. VAT)


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