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As its name implies, Changebike (CHANGE) is dedicated to the evolution of cycling. Innovation is who we are. We are based in Dajia Township, Taichung County, which is the heartland of cycling manufacturing in Taiwan, though we are not just one of the crowd. Changebike is not about simply making it cheaper than the other guy. We strive to integrate cycling into the public consciousness. Our goal is to change bicycles so as to better suit the world, rather than wait for the world to change so as to better suit bicycles. Changebike engineers come from diverse backgrounds, not just cycling. We pride ourselves on these different points-of-view. They help us to think outside-the-box, the proof of which is in our flagship product, the CHANGE (CG) folding frame. This patented design is lighter, stronger and more portable than other folding frames. Unlike them, the CG frame is of a standard size and shape in its unfolded state, meaning that the conscientious cyclist can transfer his/her higher-end derailleur, tires, shocks, brakes and other components to this frame with ease. Riders need no longer settle for the marginal components provided on other folding bikes. This standard-sized design also means unparalleled comfort and ease-of-use, making it the first folding frame to be entirely suitable for recreational use. This CG folding frame can initiate a new era in the folding bike market; Changebike truly is leading the way.

Climate change is a growing concern around the world and Changebike is doing its part. The CG enables more people to not only ride their bikes to work, but to use the same bikes on the weekend for fun. Unlike other folding frames, the CG is stable, comfortable and rugged enough for recreational use on any surface, be it pavement, gravel or dirt. In other words, the CG can help usher in not only a new era of portability and ubiquity for the cycling industry, but a greener era for our planet.

General folding designs use hinges that are prone to loosening and metal fatigue over time. Eventually, the rider has to make a conscious effort to keep the bike moving in a straight line. The CG frame has no such issues. It will stay solid for the lifetime of the frame. The CG can also accommodate standard 26 wheels, enabling better surface grip than the smaller wheels on other folding bikes allow.

General folding bikes have a linear frame design. That single horizontal support beam must be heavy in order to support the rider. The CG frame is triangular, just as most bicycle frames have been for decades. This shape permits strength without the extra weight. It also permits the CG frame to fold to a smaller size than a longer, linear frame would.

The CG frame is of a standard size, accommodating standard 26 tires, which aims it squarely at the conscientious cyclist. The rider can transfer his/her wheels, shocks, gear shifters, etc., from a higher-end bike onto this frame. Riders wont need to tolerate the inferior components frequently used on folding bikes from other brands.

Changebikes patented quick release makes folding and unfolding a breeze. These processes are toolless and can be done inside of a minute. The quick release also functions as a lock, with a safety catch that prevents the frame from swiveling at the wrong time.

The CG frame has a standard size and shape. There will be no learning curve for the rider and it will be as comfortable as a standard bike. With its ability to accommodate standard wheels, the CG will require no extra effort to pedal. No sacrifice in the riding experience will be needed for the gain of the ability to fold.

Changebikes patented CG folding frame is unique. Unlike other folding frames, which depend on a hinge amid the main support beam that is prone to loosening over time, the CG frame swivels around the vertical axis that runs through the seat tube. This leads to a smaller, more portable folded state. It also keeps the frame safe and stable throughout its lifetime. The CG frame can be locked into place firmly. It will not accidentally fold or unfold at an inappropriate time, yet locking/unlocking it is a snap and can be done without tools
Changebikes patented quick release also functions as a locking device. It works almost instantly and includes a safety catch to keep the frame in the state desired. This device enables safety and convenience.
Changebike also offers hinged handlebars that can be removed in a snap and folded to their original length, leading to one less snag when the folded bike is carried
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