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City Thunder Ultra lightweight alloy frame Electric Mountain Bike

1,043.47  (1,199.99 inc. VAT)


Torque Sensor Method ( TSM ) New 2010 Model with Tektro Brakes and Rst ICS CAPA adjustable front Suspension and Velo Comfy Gel Seat
City Thunder Electric Mountain Bike Style Lithium 36v
Poweredbicycles all new 2010, 3rd edition, range of electric bicycles are beautifully made & employing a host of sophisticated and well proven engineering technologies that you will not find on any other make of electric bicycle.The City Thunder Electric Mountain Bike with Aluminium frame and Lithium batteries keep bicycle weight well below 25Kgs and maximum performance.
Furthermore, each bicycle is fitted with the latest High Torque 250 Watt Geared brushless motors which eliminate maintenance and maximise electrical efficiency and increase the range of battery. A glance at each of the bicycle's technical specification reveals further evidence that a great deal of careful thought and experience has been put into designing the Poweredbicycles range around the European riders as an example, extensive use of Aluminium and Stainless Steel makes them all well suited to our wetter climate.
Ultimately, however, what demonstrates most clearly the quality of these designs is the bicycles themselves. Each one, from the City Thunder Electric Mountain Bike through to the Freesprit ,City Pioneer and Folding Series, are all both aesthetically pleasing and typically British designed making them a pleasure to ride and be seen riding. There are similar bicycles out there but at our price there is no comparison dont be fooled by cheap copies or the more overly priced ones,or claims of better mileage we have tried & tested these ourselves on normal roads & windy conditions & listened to our customers which is why we pride ourselves on making some of the best bicycles. We also try other makes & encourage our customers to do the same to see what really comes out top.



Eletric bikesBattery

36v Li ion 36v 10ah 360watts hours

Eletric bikesWeight5.15 Kg
Eletric bikes Recharge Cycles500 plus ( Removeable Battery )
Eletric bikesCharge on the bike or off the bike
Eletric bikesPerformance

*Running range normal pedalling on the flat surface

25-45miles (35~45k)*

Eletric bikesMotorRwd Hub 250w High Toque
Eletric bikes

Intelligent brusless motor
System pedlec power sensor system (PPSS) 3 Level
Torque Mode Eco Normal Sports
TGATwist and GO
Motor cut offTektro brake lever with Manectic cut off chips set
Frame Hand Built Alloy 6061 ( Hand Built ) 26" Wheels
Frame size 19" 49cm Triangular
Fork RST Capa front suspension ajustable & lockable
Geat Set Shimano Acera 7 speed Mega Range
Mega Range 14-16-18-20-22-24-34t
Brake Disc Front ,Promax V brakes Rear
Steering Alloy Recline adjustable stem
Handle Bar Height 92-120cm
Crank SetAlloy Crank set 46T
Rims Alloy 6061 Huafang 26"
Tyres Punture Proof E bike Heavy Duty
Size 26"x1.95 Quick Realese Front Wheel
Pedals Wellgo C33 city and trekking alu
Seat Velo gel Comfy saddle Made in Taiwan
27.20 Seat Stem Suspension ajustable
Saddle Height

83cm - 99m
Supension Seat 88-99cm
Kick Stand Alloy Centre Included
weight Inclucding battery 25kg
without battery 20.12kg
Max Load 100kg*
( Please Ring for our Advice if over )
* With some Pedalling on the flat surface depending on use and weight * Depending On Use and Weight
Carton dimensions: 1510X280X780mm
Bike size 182 length 23.5 width 82 height
Gross weight in the box 35.50kg

Due to on-going improvements in our product lines, some parts or structural
features of the bike may vary from those illustrated . Model on website is with extra features which are otional extra .As always, if
you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Bike reviews

open quoteCity Thunder Electric Mountain Bike - 7 Speed

We ordered these for the local Council as we needed an environmentally
sound solution for several members of Neighbourhood staff, to travel lots
of miles efficiently. We also needed bikes that were durable and good
value for the taxpayer, with an after sales service that delivered quickly for any new
parts etc.

I can safely say that we either got lucky or our research paid off as we`ve had
excellent service from our electric bikes for the last 3 years and our staff enjoy using
them as they aid fitness, are user friendly and fun. The superb powertrain propells you
effortlessly up hills or into wind or simply ensures quick a-b journeys.
The battery lasts over a week despite extensive use and a 3-4 hour charge replenishes it.
After 3 years the only parts we`ve needed are brake pads which shows the components are of good quality.
Hammant was more than fair when we needed these too.

You can use the throttle like on a motorbike to use the powertrain, but I find the superb `assist` function
to be the best option as it seems to sense when you need more power and automatically adjusts it
for you. This also seems to be the best way of extending battery life as it never wastes the power.

The only negative is the bikes are slightly heavier than the average mountain bike with the battery in,
so some members of staff need to take the battery out if the bikes need lifting up steps etc. The battery
is so easily removed however that it`s never been an issue for us and with the battery out they`re
probably no heavier than average bike.

Overall I would highly recommend these bikes to anyone who uses bikes regularly such as commuters,
but they would also be great for shopping as you can fit panniers on the back and they shift heavy loads
such as my colleague Mick with ease!
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star star star star star

open quoteI Purchased two Electric Bikes from Hamant`s Shop near Nottingham in 2007 , My wife and I went to the shop although some distance from our home to take a test ride before committing to the purchase and we were impressed with the attention and service of the proprietor, The Two bikes were then delivered to us in person.
My own Bike a City Thunder has been used on a daily commute, something that was previously a bit of a chore but now with the aid of the electric motor is simple in itself.
The Motor in assist mode with gentle peddling will keep me propelled at around 10-15mph but really comes into its own on hills or dead starts say from junctions. I feel Safe with the Electric motor aiding forward progress as the little extra speed for No extra effort keeps me at a good pace with the traffic in town. Crossing Junctions from a dead start is now done Quickly with a twist of the throttle in Full Power mode.
Braking is better than average thanks to the front Disk Brake (a rarity 3 years ago) .
The Quality of the Bicycle I have found to be good although a couple of components have expired with ware and tare. The Bike was supplied with Battery Charger, Racks, Light, Pump, Lock, Bottle holder and even a dust cover for when its stored in the garage. The Bike Itself is Light enough to pedal and with the Electric Motor assisting , negates the weight of the battery. This was a deciding buying point at the time as some other models were more the weight of a small moped.
This is Not the Top end Electric Bike on the Market but at the price and current Specification represents good value and the three years I have had so far of cycling speaks well of the Quality and durability.
Hamant`s Business (Scatter-goods-Powered Bicycles) near Nottingham has grown in the last three years and I will strongly recommend anyone wishing to ride down the Electric Bike path to take a look at what he has to offer.
Poweredbicyles "
Since then these bike has undergone lots of modification.
Ie Torque Sensor with 3 levels of assist Eco, Normal and Sports
Front Rst Suspension ajustable
Can fit Different types of Mudguards (Mtb Or Full )
Velo Gel set Seat
Promax Ajustable seat Suspion
Promax front disc. rear V brake
Tektro Magnectic Cut Brake Lever
Shimano Accera 7 Speed Gears
High Torque Torque pedal Sensors motor and controller ,which make
hills looks affordless

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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteI bought the bike a couple of years back now so have had a good chance to get used to it and see how it's behaved over a good time period..

All of the sales people were very helpful and friendly.

I was interested in an electric bike as I have problems with Asthma which limits the amount of "traditional" cycling I can do - Particularly the hills !!

Although I`ve not done a great deal of distance on the bike, probably somewhere in the region of 600 to 800 miles over the time I`ve had it I`m very pleased with its performance - I can now easily cycle significantly greater distances J.

The motor is powerful enough to pull me up gradual hills without any pedal assistance and can easily climb moderate hills with some pedal assistance.

I can now cycle up reasonable hills that, without assistance, would have been completely out of the question...

I`m now cycling to work 2 days a week which would have been totally out of the question on a non-assisted bike...!

There are bikes out there that cost significantly more than this one but as they only seem to have similar rated batteries and motors I doubt that they can offer a great deal more than this one.

Battery life appears to be very good - Longest single journey I`ve done is aprox 26 miles and the battery was still registering full... !

No sign of loss of power at any stage. When put back on charge it was very quick to complete the charging cycle so looks like the indicator was telling the truth....

Had a problem with a couple of broken spokes which when I contacted the shop they immediately sent me some replacements at no cost !!!

The people at the shop have always been very friendly and helpful. I`ve recommended their bikes to a number of people and will continue to do so :)

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Mark Harrison
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteWas offered a go on this bike at Uk Aware 2009. Great fun. Haven`t rode any sort of electric bike before or any sort of bike for years. Doesn`t feel that different to a fairly heavy ordinary bike. Good brakes. A positive experienceclose quote

Robert Vinall
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quote
Well, what can I say, I have been riding bikes for a very long time, always considered myself to be a purist, ever seeking to upgrade. But the times they are a changing, my new electric bike. Despite its weight and long wheelbase, rides well without power, but as soon as you turn the power on, it springs to life. On peddle assist and the occasional irresistible use of the throttle, easily doing 30 odd miles on one charge, not a fast ride, but comes into its own when facing headwinds and hills. You are going to be overtaken, get the odd look now and then, but when the wind blows and the hills roll, who laughs last.
Pros. Nice electrics, handles well without power, throttle is a real treat.
Excellent backup from shop, pleased to help with any problems.
Cons. Low spec,
Shimano entry level V Brakes instead of front Disc would have been better
Overall a very efficient bike that could soon become a favourite.
Colin Leicester
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C.P. Hall
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteHad a try out of the City Thunder it was very lively,plenty of power and looks great.
The CT is well geared and in my opinion was easier to ride without power than the Ezee Torq
I have an ET great bike but getting parts are a problem battery lasts about 18 months.
I have had the ET about three years I do about 1500 miles a year coming to the end of the second battery life now quoted at 395 to replace. Expensive
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteI bought this bike with a mind to do alot of miles with it, so i bought localy for the back up you can recieve. since feb this year i have cycled aprox 5500 miles with only 1 problem the spokes on the back wheel, which after talking to powered bikes was soon sorted with no hastle. I use the bike to go to work on and is my main transport I use the bike everyday would recomend it to anyone it does what they claim it does and more. this bike is fantastic. close quote
rob hall
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteWell about time I got round to a review of what is simply A FANTASTIC BIKE !I bought the City Thunder for work about 4 to 5 months ago as work was about 20 miles return and I had no vehicle and what problems it solved. No more having to get lifts or relying on anyone else to get me to work as I worked shifts in a bakery. I was and am fully fit, and this bike allows you to put as much or as little effort in as you want.I prefer to put effort in and the health benefits are great,but these bikes are fantastic if you have things like joint problems as the pedal assist function and twist grip throttle give you all the support you need.I ride my bike all the time and its a sheer joy.All I can add to my comments is that this piece of engineering is the best thing I have ever bought!!!
And the guys in the shop were knowledgeable helpful and courteous.I have waited a few months to write my review but all I can say is what a superb bike!
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteI bought this bike as an alternative to my motorbike, as i wasnt getting any regular excercise and also wanted to save money in the long term on the commute to work. its the best decision i have made in terms of transport. Hills are no problem (especially as i have a knee damaged by years of sport) and the commute takes me 5 mins longer than the motorbike over 10 Miles. The bike has been sturdy and easy to handle and even survived a crash with a motorist who didnt know how to use her indicators. The only damage being a split mudguard. So if you want a bit of excercise, to save some money and pass everyone on the uphill journey, then this is the bike. Oh and it looks good too.close quote
Terry Cross
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteI have been a very keen cyclist for most of my life cycling up to 8000 miles a year but after a serious accident while at work I am now disabled and unable to walk. My Electric City Thunder has given me a new lease of life.

I have cycled over 1000 miles in less than 3 months with no problems apart from a loose crank. I must also say that the staff at in Long Eaton Nottingham have been amazing, I took my bike for its free first service today and was amazed when Hamant the owner of the company called me himself to say that the cycle was all ready for collection on the same day, now that is what I call service.

Because of my disability I got my bike through a scheme called Access To Work. All I had to do was choose my bike and and the company that I work for did the rest. It is a great scheme and for anyone with a disability who wants to cycle to work.

Unlike most other Electric cycles that I have seen the City Thunder looks just like a normal light weight bike, and it is. I also find it one of the most comfortable bikes I have ridden. I think this is because of the long wheelbase and the light weight.

I have been very surprised by just how far on a single charge the bike will run for. I have been getting over 27 miles on full throttle and peddle assist at the same time. Using peddle assist mode and switching off the power on the flat or downhill I have cycled over 45 miles and still not run out of power. I think another reason for the amazing performance is because I asked to have the standard chunky tyres changed for City Jet tyres.

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Stuart Jones
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City Thunder Ultra lightweight Torque Measurement Method ( TMM ) New 2010 Model )

open quoteJust had a go on this bike, which my dad is looking at because he has Angina. I do a fair bit of cycling on a hybrid mountain bike, but this bike was so easy to use it was unbelievable. 3 laps round focus car park next door and I can see why the boss sells so many.
I would highly recommend visiting the shop to see these bikes, and they re not cheap, but you get what you pay for. The owner couldn`t make you feel more welcome, and had all the time in the world to answer questions and show you all bells and whistles on the range.

close quote
Tony Stacey
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We are an established company based in Nottingham, trading in motor parts for 29 years .

Over these last few years we have recognised a new market emerging : the electric bicycle POWERED BICYCLES

Many of our customers were looking for a way to enjoy the environment or simply get around town quickly without the effort of using a conventional bicycle. Hence the emergence of powered bicycles, allowing people to tackle hills without a problem, yet enjoy some moderate exercise along the way.

It is our mission, as a team of bike enthusiasts, to learn about the latest in bike technology, enabling us give our customers the best advice and service.

We're not the best because we're the oldest. We're the oldest because we are the best!


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